Miriam Quesada - Finca El Guayacan - Pink Bourbon - Anaerobic Natural - Colombia - 2023

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On the nose: White flowers, bubblegum, sweet spices.
On the palate: Pineapple, white grapes, lemon, Amasya apple, banana, strawberry, raspberry, currants, pine nuts, nutmeg, cinnamon.
Acidity: Rich. Tartaric, malic, tropical and citric acidities.
Sweetness: Strong, like strawberry jam.
Finish: Long and palate-coating.
Body/Viscosity: Medium-to-upper body, medium-to-upper viscosity.
Feel: Intense and fun. Like strawberry jam. Moderately funky.

Miriam Quesada focuses on high-quality varieties like Pink Bourbon and quality-oriented processing techniques to produce such excellent Natural batches.

Miriam Quesada Enciso is a second generation coffee producer. She inherited Finca El Guayacan from her ex-husband when they divided their land. He has been growing coffee on the farm since 2005. Today, Miriam and her current husband, Libardo, run Finca El Guayacan with a focus on high-quality cultivation and processing.

Coffee Grade: EXC.UGQ
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Processing Technique: Anaerobic Natural
Harvest Year: 2023
Producer: Miriam Quesada Enciso & Libardo Enciso
Farm/Station: Finca El Guayacan
Altitude: 1550 m

Region: Huila
Subregion/Town: Acevedo
Supplier: Sucafina Specialty