About us

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We imagine Null as a collective production and research area where researches and productions are carried out on total taste perception. We roast new harvest coffees to order and organize various workshops.

The value of eating and drinking activities, like other things in our lives, is embodied by the meanings we attribute to them. Our post-industrial habits began to be reshaped by sectors with the effect of established culture, history and geographical structure. Adjectives such as easy, fast, ready replaced the qualities related to taste, flavor and smell. At this point, things are reversed. The value of the local, delicious, slow, natural and even wormy has increased. We need a space where we can think about what we eat and drink with the marketing trends thrown around by fashion and basic habits. We think that we should leave what we know and what we have been taught and move forward with “experienced knowledge”. “Null” emerges from our need for a space that allows us to rethink, reevaluate, share and discuss results.

We wanted to create a space for people to rediscover tastes with their selves through their basic sense organs such as taste and smell. Although its main activity is a coffee production workshop, we think it would be right to gather our activities here under a more inclusive title. We would like to conduct food and beverage research, observe the coexistence of different food and beverage disciplines around the same table, and host innovative and creative chefs, mixologists and researchers who have created/represented their own trend.

We think that this coffee trend, which takes place in our food and beverage lives as the third wave, does not meet the need and has been abused by the sector. Coffee, like any other agricultural product, reaches its gastronomic value through good cultivation practices, proper collection, controlled processing, correct storage and transfer. We think that our only contribution to the value produced with such care is to keep it and its qualities in our focus. Researching to understand and understand coffee is at the top of our list of priorities. We see expensive machines and all those fancy equipment as tools for better production of the dark liquid in the glass, and we put the qualities of coffee at our center.