Hacienda Sonora - Cascara - Costa Rica - 2023

Variety: Catuai, Caturra, Marsellesa, Sarchimor, SL28

Origin: Costa Rica

Tasting notes: Rosehip, dried persimmon, golden strawberry, raisins, dried apricots, lime, lemongrass, super sweet.

*Warning: Contains high caffeine!

It is obtained from naturally processed coffee cherries on the Cascara Hacienda Sonora farm.

The Spanish word cascara , meaning shell, is used to name the skin of the coffee cherry and is a name that we think is universally accepted.

You can brew your cascara hot as in the recipe below, or you can brew it cold for 24 hours by doubling the cascara ratio.

We recommend that you brew 10-11 grams of cascara for 250 ml of water with non-boiling (approximately 95 degrees) water for 4 minutes, just like brewing herbal tea, and do not exceed 5 minutes in the brewing time for better results. For a stronger body and fruitier texture, you can lower the temperature slightly and increase the amount of cascara by a third. 

*Since it is a product that contains much higher amounts of caffeine than coffee, we recommend that you consume it carefully.