don, yangın, kahve ve ciğerlerimiz hakkında.

about frost, fire, coffee and our lungs.

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about frost, fire, coffee and our lungs.

fire and our lungs

The forest fire that started in Manavgat on July 28 was followed by devastating fires that continued one after another in many provinces. We are following the developments with great sadness.

We wish everyone health and patience once again.

We are now experiencing the devastating effects of the climate crisis as powerful forest fires, drought, floods and forced migration all over the world in a very powerful and inclusive way. Earth's forests are burning. As the crisis deepens, the devastating effects increase.

Plants, insects, animals, people and many other things that are the product of all of them are losing their habitats and lives.

The habitat of a creature is the place where it constantly lives and persists. This place can be a physical region, a special part of the earth, as large as an ocean or as small as under a rock. Multiple plants and animals can share the same habitat. We are losing our precious producers who have preserved the Marmaris Pine Honey forests, many medicinal aromatic vegetation, and this unique habitat and kept it alive until now.

We are now experiencing the effects of icebergs, which we used to watch as they break and shatter due to global warming in the main news generation, with the hail rains that ruined the flowerpot in our window and the great losses we have experienced in recent days. It was as if our world had been trying to tell us for a long time that more than our lungs would burn.

frost and coffee

The impact of recent extreme weather events on coffee plantations in Brazil has been undeniably experienced in the past weeks. The frosts came a year after the devastating effects of the drought hit Brazilian farmers. We witnessed a short-term panic in the chain extending from the coffee exchange and coffee producers to the final customer, when a plant accustomed to temperatures between 17 and 23 encountered negative air in the morning and ate frost. We saw the first effect of panic as a double test of prices. Later it was understood that the plants were not lost, only a part of the harvest was damaged. While all this was happening, coffee prices became the focus of the discussions. It was quite upsetting to see coffee prices being discussed instead of the climate crisis and environmental issues. We once again saw how fragile our precious coffee, which was brought to this point step by step, with the effort, dedication and effort behind it. Although buying and selling at a value seems to reduce coffee to the same level as a vacuum cleaner that can be bought at the supermarket or emergency point com, we know that if the tree does not give, coffee is not what we drink. This fact reminded us again that we need to change from wild consumer to "derivative".

what can we do?

With climate change, it is getting harder for forests to repair themselves. So, knowing that forest fires will continue, what can we do to fight?

Our efforts against disasters are directly related to supporting local losses on a continuous basis, combating the climate crisis, holistic protection of forest areas and defending the rights of forest workers.

We can push the possibilities of direct contact with the people and communities who have lost, and we can support the campaigns of the non-governmental organizations we trust. We can follow and implement for the ecological restoration of nature and the creation of an environment that will allow for the rights and lives of living beings affected by fire. And we can maintain patient persistence depending on which wheel of the system we want to be or not in our consumption preferences in every field.

our support hand

We wanted to provide a donation environment with community support and to donate the sales revenues of our coffee sacks to the needy in the disaster area in order to overcome the communication, planning and transportation problems that may be experienced in individual efforts. If you want to join us in your support channels, you can reach these products on our site.

In our aid planning, we will follow the Ihyacharitasi , disaster map and pages for up-to-date needs lists, announcements and data.

First Photo anonymous.

Second Photograph belongs to Jonas Leme Ferraresso, agronomist and specialty coffee expert working in the entire value chain of coffee in Regiao do Circuíto das Águas Paulista, Brazil, and shared on the Specialty Coffee Association page with the permission of the farmers.

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