Tomas Ganamo - Bombe - Natural - Ethiopia - Espresso - 2023

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On the nose: 4 C hops, fresh field herbs, citrus fruits, large stone fruits.
On the palate: West Coast IPA, large stone fruits and citrus fruits, especially peaches.
Acidity: Strong citric acidity, crisp
Sweetness: Strong, honey sweetness.
Finish: Medium length, malty and evocative.
Body/Viscosity: Medium body, low viscosity.
Feeling: Fun, refreshing, playful.

Thanks to Tomas Ganamo's tireless efforts and dedication, he produces an extraordinary coffee that fascinates the senses and reflects the unique microclimate of Bombe, Sidamo. His story is filled with resilience, passion and a deeply rooted love of coffee farming.

Coffee Grade: Sidama Gr. one
Variety: JARC 74112, JARC 74158
Processing Technique: Natural

Harvest Year: 2023
Producer: Tomas Ganamo
Altitude: 2090 m - 2200 m
Region: Sidama
Sub-Region/Town: Bombe
Supplier: Sucafina Specialty