Puerto Alegre Geisha Anaerobic Washed - Colombia - 2021
Puerto Alegre Geisha Anaerobic Washed - Colombia - 2021
Puerto Alegre Geisha Anaerobic Washed - Colombia - 2021
Puerto Alegre Geisha Anaerobic Washed - Colombia - 2021

Puerto Alegre Geisha Anaerobic Washed - Colombia - 2021

Nose: Honeysuckle, mango, white peach.
Palate: Kantulup melon, white peach, dried mango, sergeant grape, coconut milk, formosa oolong champagne tea. A spongy, syrupy, citrus cake sweetness like Revani. Medium strong body. Finish: Long finish with butter, black raisins, 60% dark chocolate

The Lopez family have been opinion leaders in coffee production in Quindio since the 1970s, when their ancestor Don Moises decided to maintain the shade to preserve quality and protect the environment from excessive fertilizer use. Today, Lopez family lots are loved for their complex, sweet and delicious fruit calls.


Experience this coffee from the Lopez family, which is the washed anaerobic lot of the much-loved Geisha profile. The Lopez family has been growing coffee for over 3 generations at Finca Puerto Alegre and Finca La Esperanza. His experience and famous Geisha profile combine to create a complex, fruity and floral cup. The 4 Lopez brothers, descendants of Don Moises, took over the farm in 2014 and focused their efforts on producing sustainable, quality coffee. The brothers and a few of the siblings' children later focused on innovative processing methods and ecotourism. Today the farm benefits from multi-generational expertise. Their devoted attention to coffee growing is complemented by equally painstaking processing. The youngest of 4 siblings, Jairo was educated as a civil engineer. He used his education and knowledge to develop methods of processing. Jairo believes standardization is the key. Each lot has a 'birth certificate' that certifies traceability throughout processing. General background information to make the method as reproducible as possible; They record the variety, processing method, weight, plot, date of collection, as well as fermentation information (time of start and end of fermentation, pH of the sample at different stages, and more). Coffee cherries are carefully picked by hand. Field pickers use a refractometer to make sure that the cherry is at the highest ripeness. Cherries are laid on raised beds for parabolic drying. Jairo carefully monitors temperature in drying and uses ventilation to control temperature and humidity to ensure even drying. It is raked frequently to allow the cherries to dry evenly. The drying process takes an average of 25 - 30 days. Jairo's initiatives have had a huge impact on Quindio as well as perfecting the coffee processing on their farm. Jairo's idea for automatic coffee beds recently received awards and funding from the local government.


Geisha (also known as Gesha) is known for its exceptional cup quality, especially when grown at high altitudes. The variety is one of the Ethiopian varieties. It was collected from the Ethiopian coffee forests in the 1930s. The name of the variety, Geisha, must have been derived from Ethiopiya's Gori Gesha forest. There is some confusion regarding the many genetically distinct varieties called Geisha, but the most famous variety is Panama. The variety was brought to Central America in 1953, first at the Lyamungu Research Center, Tanzania, and then at the Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE). The variety was registered in CATIE as T2722. Distributed to Panama in the 1960s for CATIE T2722 coffee leaf rust (CLR). But its fragile branches meant it wasn't widely planted. The Panama Geisha achieved its current reputation in 2005 when the Geisha lot won the 'Best of Panama' competition, breaking the time-record over $20/pound. DNA analyzes showed that the Panama Geisha variety was distinct and uniform, deriving from T2722. Today, Geisha is known for its delicate floral, jasmine and stone fruit flavors.

Coffee grade: Excelso UGQ
Variety: Geisha
Processing Method: Anaerobic Fermentation (Washed) Harvest year: Summer 2021
Producer: The Lopez Family
Altitude: 1450 m
Farm/Station: Finca Puerto Alegre
Region/Sub-Region: Quindio, Buenavista, Pijao
Supplier: Sucafina Specialty