25% indirim için kod "hazİranİndİrİmİ" 1KG'LIK SEÇİMLER ilave 10% İla 15% İNDİRİMLİ. 300TL ÜZERİ SİPARİŞLERDE KARGO BİZDEN.


It is a gluten-free, natural-content cleaner that does not spoil metal alloys and is applied in the periodic cleaning of household or professional coffee grinders. It does not harm human health.

It removes residues and oils formed over time in coffee mills, small particles adhering to the discs of the grinder, and thus removes negative tastes and odors that may occur, and leaves no residue. While prolonging the life of your grinder, it also ensures that you get the right flavors in coffee.

How is it used?

1-Empty the coffee hopper. Add 1 tablespoon (15gr) of Neo Barista Coffee Grinder Cleaner for small household grinders and 2 scoops (30gr) for industrial grinders.

2-Set your grind setting to medium level and run it.

3-After this process, put a handful of coffee beans into the chamber and grind them, and discard them before use.

Dust that will arise during use is harmless. Keep the box tightly closed.

Food compatible.