25% indirim için kod "hazİranİndİrİmİ" 1KG'LIK SEÇİMLER ilave 10% İla 15% İNDİRİMLİ. 300TL ÜZERİ SİPARİŞLERDE KARGO BİZDEN.


This new filter, which provides 10% faster drainage compared to the traditional flow cloth filter, makes a difference in brewing with osmotic pouring method and in coffees that tend to clog like naturally processed Ethiopian beans.

Permeability equivalence: Cafec TH-3 Paper Filter

Ecological Transformation, these filters are in Salihli Buldan, Atölye Feri Sewn by . It is a blend of cotton and linen. Dye and bleach are not used.

Supports the Zero Waste project and the Plastic Free July movement. It is a Plastic-Free, Zero Garbage product. It is an alternative to disposable coffee filters.

It is important to wash by hand immediately after use, and to dry quickly by cleaning with special cleaners that will not leave odor or taste. If there is no quick drying option, you can put it in the freezer.

It is not disposable, it can be used over and over again, it can be composted.