Solis & Cordero Finca Carrizal Red Catuai Red Honey - Costa Rica - 2022
Solis & Cordero Finca Carrizal Red Catuai Red Honey - Costa Rica - 2022
Solis & Cordero Finca Carrizal Red Catuai Red Honey - Costa Rica - 2022

Solis & Cordero Finca Carrizal Red Catuai Red Honey - Costa Rica - 2022

On the nose: a clear salep scent welcomes you. Red fruit scents such as strawberry, raspberry, and red apple are as strong as their perfumes.

On the palate: like a tart prepared from red fruits, it leaves its place in fruit salad as it cools. Red apple, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, rhubarb, and pink grape flavors in addition to spice flavors such as sahlep and nutmeg.

The coffee has a silky medium strong body, bursting sugar and sugarcane sweetness. A very fragrant, elegant coffee.

Oscar Alberto Madrigal Chacon has been a coffee producer for over 30 years. His whole family is also involved in coffee production on their farm, Finca Carrizal. Oscar is thrilled that his children became interested in coffee production and are now involved with a passion for high-quality coffee growing.

Solis&Cordero Micromill was founded in 2018 by the Solís Cordero family to help support smallholders in the Santos region. The mill provides a variety of services including cherry processing, selling specialty coffee to international destinations, selling roasted coffee in Costa Rica, consulting on processing and quality control, and export services. For smallholders working with Solis&Cordero, the mill helps them differentiate their coffee by maintaining farm-level traceability and by using innovative, quality-focused processing methods to further improve coffee.


Oscar says the hardest part of coffee growing is the economic strain between input costs and cherry prices. As climate change makes pests and diseases more common, Oscar needs to apply more pesticides and other inputs, which increases the cost of production. Additionally, Oscar needs to pay every worker fairly and, in Costa Rica, also make sure they are covered by health insurance. These costs make growing coffee expensive and aren’t always covered by the price Oscar receives for his cherry.

Harvest & Post-Harvest

Oscar and his family selectively handpick ripe, red cherry and deliver it to Solis&Cordero Micromill. At intake, cherry is inspected and then fermented in whole cherry for 48 hours. Then, cherry is pulped and parchment and remaining mucilage is transferred to raised drying beds. When parchment is nearly dry, it is finished in Guardiola mechanical dryers at 45 degrees Celsius.

Coffee Grade: SHB
Variety: Red Catuai
Processing Technique: Red Honey
Harvest Year: 2022
Producer: Oscar Alberto Madrigal Chacon
Altitude: 1,650 m.
Farm/Station: Finca Carrizal & Solis&Cordero Micromill
Region / Sub-District: Santos / Santa Maria de Dota
Supplier: Sucafina Specialty