Jesus Barahona - Finca Buena Vista - Geisha Natural - Colombia - 2023

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On the nose: Honeysuckle, bergamot and lime group.
On the palate: Feijoa, lychee, kaffir lime, watermelon, baked spices, compote fruits, chocolate.
Acidity: Balanced. tropical and citric acidities.
Sweetness: Strong, persimmon sweetness.
Finish: Intense and evocative. Complex.
Body/Viscosity: Medium-upper body, Medium-upper viscosity.
Feeling: Dancing between fruits and spices. 

Couple Jesus and Rosa Barahona have been growing coffee at Finca Buena Vista for more than 20 years. When they first bought the land, part of the farm was used for cattle grazing and another part was planted with Caturra. Today, they grow Geisha, Castillo, Caturra and other varieties on their 7 hectare land with specialty production in mind.

To continue improving their coffee quality, Jesus and Rosa plan to plant more Pink Bourbon and Geisha varieties.

This very complex coffee is like tropical and citrus fruits meeting with a strong florality and spice. We think that the most important feature of this coffee, which we think is a meaningful example of the future of the coffee industry, is "balance". It has a wide and balanced stage :)

Coffee Grade: EXC.EP
Variety: Geisha
Processing Technique: Natural
Harvest Year: 2023
Producer: Jesus and Rosa Barahona
Altitude: 1800 m
Region: Huila

Subregion/Town: Algeciras
Supplier: Sucafina Specialty