Alonso Bustos - Finca El Mirador - Tabi - Natural - Colombia - Espresso - 2023

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On the nose: Tropical fruits, dried strawberries, perfume.
On the palate: Mango, pineapple, dried strawberries, yellow apple, currants, rose hips, persimmon. Granular in texture, like gingerbread.
Acidity: Balanced. Citric and malic acidity.
Sweetness: Strong. Persimmon sweetness.
Finish: A long fruity finish.
Body/Viscosity: Medium-to-upper body, medium-to-upper viscosity. Syrupy.
Feel: Thick, like mango/apricot juice.

Alonso Bustos plans to be on his farm every day for the rest of his life and improve it every day. His coffee is a result of conscious effort and intention, he says, and he wants those who drink it to know the time and care he put into it.

Alonso is a second-generation coffee producer who has been growing coffee for more than 50 years. He inherited Finca El Mirador through his wife. Today, they live on the farm with their three children and two grandchildren. Alonso's children inspired him to start producing specialty coffee in 2017. To further improve coffee quality, Alonso planted the Tabi variety, known for its larger fruit and ability to be grown at higher altitudes. His grandchildren show interest in becoming coffee farmers like Alonso.

Of course, Typica is a hybrid between Bourbon and Timor created by CENICAFE. It was released in 2002. It is like a combination of flavors and qualities of Bourbon and Typica. Like its two parents, plants of the Tabi variety are long-branched and tall. However, Tabi has slightly larger fruits and seeds and can be grown at higher altitudes at densities of 3,000 trees per hectare. The name comes from the word "tabi" meaning "good" in Guambiano, a dialect of an indigenous Colombian tribe.

Coffee Grade: EXC.UGQ
Variety: Sure
Processing Technique: Natural
Harvest Year: 2023
Producer: Alonso Bustos
Farm/Station: Finca El Mirador
Altitude: 1600 m

Region: Huila
Subregion/Town: Bolibar
Supplier: Sucafina Specialty